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From the Owners, Jeff Tonidandel & Jamie Brown:

Welcome to Ever Andalo! This is a very special place to us. The menu and feelings here are brought forward from the past—when we as a couple, traveled to Italy for months, spending six of those weeks in northern Italy tracing Jeff’s unique last name “Tonidandel”. After weeks of searching, we came away with a robust family tree, new family friends, a greater understanding of our familial roots, and a fond appreciation of how food ties us together across generations and across the world. 

The name “Tonidandel” is very rare—there are less than 20 people here in the U.S., but it traces back the Dolomite region in northern Italy where there are hundreds of Tonidandels. One of the villages in that region is called Andalo—and it is the town that was the genesis of the name Tonidandel (think: Antonio di Andalo – which eventually became Tonidandel – cool stuff!)

On our journey all those years ago, we got to experience Italian food in a very unique way—with the locals living there, making dishes that they’ve made for generations, pulling in inspiration from all over Italy, and being in the north, witnessing German and Austrian influences as well.This place is also special to us because of the building itself. This is where our restaurant life together began. We had a little place called Crepe Cellar Kitchen & Pub here for 13 years. We ate here just about every week as a family, and we’ve created a restaurant family here upon its foundation. Every restaurant has a lifetime, and Crepe Cellar was no different. It is always bittersweet to move on from something, but it’s equaled in the opposing direction with creativity, excitement and progress toward something new.

Thank you for joining us all those years before at Crepe Cellar, and thank you for coming along this ride in this new endeavor, Ever Andalo. We’re so glad you’ve found us, and we can’t wait to have you in!  

Let’s celebrate! 

Jeff and Jamie
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